Bangalore's Best Veggie Burger

Us vegetarians are not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to continental dining, even within the territorial limits of India. If a grass-eater wanted to relish (authentic or comparable) American cuisine in Bengaluru, he would probably have two princely options namely mashed potato and mashed potato with peas. Quite obviously disappointed, I began looking for a decent-enough veggie version of the burger that would brighten weekends. One place blew my mind away- The Only Place.

This is not a restaurant review of The Only Place..that has been said and done by every other techie who assumed he discovered the best steakhouse in the country. What this post tries to do is recollect Marshall Erikson's speech about a heavenly burger, and proceed to elaborate on the difference such a burger can make to one's day. The burger in question is the humble vegetable burger in the establishment's menu..served with cheese or without. Do not go by the picture below as it looks much better 'in person'.

Before you proceed to polish off the bun and its patty, get yourself an iced tea and a portion of cheese garlic bread..this is a must at The Only Place and I guarantee it will be like no other cheese garlic bread you have had- more cheese than bread, literally. Post that, devour the home made french fries that come with your burger: use the sharp, authentic mustard to dip. Why must you do as I say, you wonder. Food that has been strongly recommended will surpass every level of awesome only if you attack it with great expectation. Of course, it can also backfire but I assure you that will not be the case here. Expectation now built, you hold the warm, HUGE burger and bite into it.

The bun is soft, moist and uncrumbly (hear that, KFC?), the patty large enough to droop outside the bun (hear that, McD?), a slice of tomato, excellent cheese, perfectly flavored..this burger is every vegetarian's delight. Size-wise, it is comparable to two McVeggies which implies I generally skip dinner after making this a late lunch. It even manages to push Mysore's Downtown burger to a far second, not considering the ambiance and pricing. At 110-120 INR, TOP's veggie burger is the best I've had in the city, in comparable/less fancy ambience. Finish it off with a cherry pie and don't scrimp on the ice cream.

I have decided against elaborating on the difference such a meal can make to one's day.


Merin said...

..not sure what I was thinking, reading this at 3am. Guess who's starving suddenly!

Akshatha Hegde said...

Next time we meet, this is where we'll go. :)

ashwini said...

in my soon to be for-a-while-last visit to bangalore, this is where we shall go when we meet.

Akshatha said...


I can't think of any place better. After this, I'll get you the best gulab jamun in the city..and you'll help me review it. :)

Manisha said...


I must try the ice-cream the next time I am there.

ashwini said...

done :)