Review: Coffee Day Cueqa Nachos in Tangy Jalapeno flavour

Despite its not-so-tasteful ambiance and pathetic music, Cafe Coffee Day doesn’t entirely suck. The menu has a couple of good coffees and a tasty dessert or two. The brand deserves a lot of respect for almost single-handedly bringing the café culture to India and making our otherwise busy lives a little laidback. After living in Chennai where even the IT areas display serious lack of ‘hangouts’, my respect for CCD has grown several-fold. I began tasting packed food sold across the counter in CCD outlets and this was a recent try.

Product: Cueqa Nachos in Tangy Jalapeno flavor

The only Indian product which is remotely like nachos that I have come across is Bingo Mad Angles. The urban Indian has already equated nachos to popcorn, chips and other paraphernalia that accompanies one to a movie hall and most multiplexes are cashing in on it. Cueqa appears to be CCD’s answer to the likes of Cuppa and Taco Bell.


The nachos come sealed in a sturdy jar which is an obvious win over selling them in flimsy plastic. About 20 pieces are neatly stacked inside, with few broken ones. The pack I tried was manufactured nearly four months ago and the contents seemed extremely fresh. Thumbs up on packaging.


The nachos are extremely thin and crisp, very close in texture to their Mexican counterparts. The lack of oil is apparent (and a little disappointing) as the product seems dry at the end of the day. After five years of eating Indianized nachos at Fresco's, this doesn’t quite hit the spot. Cueqa is exactly like the nachos you get at multiplexes, only round in shape. They don't taste great dry but are surprisingly excellent with toppings.


  • Mix and match with dips like mayo, cream cheese and salsa.
  • Remember the Monaco-with-toppings ads from the 90’s? Try topped nachos.
  • Replace papdi in your bhel with nachos.
Or just serve them the conventional way, with cream cheese, salsa spread and a simple garnish.
Exhibit A:

Cueqa Nachos: What Works

  • The idea of selling nachos a la Pringles.
  • Tangy jalapeno flavor is subtle and delightful..goes well with dips and salsa.

Cueqa Nachos: What Does Not Work
  • Extremely dry texture: it is impossible to eat without moist toppings/dips. Although that’s how authentic nachos are, it doesn’t really suit a samosa-loving palette.
  • Overpriced, as is expected with CCD. Even movieplexes offer a larger quantity with salsa for a similar price.

Consumer Gyaan

Nutrition (amount per serving, serving size unspecified)

Energy: 186.56 calories
Carbs: 27.12g
Fat: 7.3g
Protein: 3.10g
Sodium: 438.49mg

Price: Rs. 50 for a 40gm dabba

Other flavors: Zesty Spice

Available at: CCD outlets and some online shopping sites

OE Rating: 3/5

Thoughts on repurchase: Uncertain


Diva said...

Very nice blog, pleasure to read,,ill try these out soon.

Praveen said...

I want to try this! NOW!

Farah Mahmood said...

My only experience with nachos are the ones sold at INOX. They are worst!

Also, I know this is late, but Nutella deserves 10 out of 5! I mean, it's a CHOCOLATE and HAZELNUT spread, OK? Your argument is invalid.

Akshatha Hegde said...

It is cholesterol laden, Sarah.