A New Jar of Nutella: Review





One of the quickest food fixes is a Nutella-dunk. For those of you unfamiliar with this heavenly hazelnut-butter from Italy (think Ferrero Rocher), it is more than the chocolate-flavoured spread it is marketed to be. Nutella is to the rest of the world what Hershey’s chocolate syrup is to the U.S. Use it to replace jam on your toast/roti or as dessert topping..it goes best with anything that has neutral or fruity flavour. Or whatever taste you have acquired.

I have been loyal to this stuff for about six years, right from the days it used to be sold in ‘select stores’ for a princely sum of 80 INR. Ferrero has now revamped the packaging and the product also retails in a stately glass jar, along with its heavier screw-top cousin.

The new Nutella jar is sealed with gold foil and must NOT be refrigerated on or before opening, as the ideal spread is gooey. It also comes with a literature booklet affixed to the lid that contains details about the product. This is futile as it is pasted in such a way that it tears while opening.

New Nutella: what works

  • It's old wine in a new bottle..thankfully! Wouldn’t want them to change the flavour anytime soon.
  • I’m a sucker for glass bottles and jars and this one made me drool.

New Nutella: what does not work

  • The slide-on lid is tactlessly designed. Once you open the seal, you basically have to finish the contents in a go (easy-peezy) because the lid is flimsy enough for ants to party. Oh and forget traveling with the jar.

  • Cannot stress this one enough: ALWAYS buy the small jar. It will be emptied in less than a week anyway, just like the big jar.
  • After the jar is licked clean, throw away the lid, peel off the label and use it as a glass. I’m looking at a collection here.


The sober:

The not-so-sober (and possible inspiration for this blog):

Nutella hamburger

Consumer Gyaan

Nutella nutrition per 100g


538 kcal











Vitamin E




Quite obviously, this can be a death trap if you overdo it. Limit portion size to a spoonful every other day and you're good. Oh and Nutella is not for people allergic to nuts or lactose.

Shelf life: 12 months. Do not refrigerate.

Purchase price: 125 INR for 180g, 195 INR for 350g

Available at: Most supermarkets such as Reliance Fresh, More, Food Bazar and such

Products like Nutella: Crumpy, a Belgian hazelnut spread

OE Rating: 4.75/5 (the lid ruined perfect-5 prospects)

Thoughts on repurchase: Hmm..think I'll buy Crumpy over Nutella. Bazinga. :P

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Unaccustomed Mirth said...

I could live on this stuff! A jar of Nutella in the room is so distracting, every five minutes I find myself drawn to it :D So happy to see your food blog!!

Akshatha Hegde said...

Haha! So true. I finished that jar you see in the review in three days. :|
And thanks. :)

PrattzzHackzz said...

For years i saw one of my close pals at school have nutella sandwiches for breakfast, and this review of yours just reminded me of all those days.

Too bad nutella's new container isn't that good looking. Nutella is one chocolate lover's thing, and nobody's going to finish it in one go :D

Nice blog, good to see someone doing efforts specifically on FMCG reviews. Such reviews do make a lot of waves with the companies and customers. Last year, i did a review on the payback card - its loops when groups have 2-3 loyalty cards plus a payback card, and when someone from Payback saw the review, he did the necessary and now we have a payback green card.

All the very best for the future. Your reviewing style is good. I'd love to see more such reviews.

Akshatha said...

Hey thanks a lot! Way to go with the payback card. Glad to know someone around is trying to make a difference.

Rao said...

Nuttella - My new BFF in chennai ! ! Oh,I love :)